This Office administers the students’ complete scholastic records in this school and that of the previous school. It provides assistance to students from the time of admission up to graduation. The Registrar maintains the confidentiality and accuracy of all student records. Its main responsibilities include:

  1. Evaluation of transfer credentials and recommending the student for entrance examination and interview

  2. Enrolment

  3. Sectioning and Class Lists

  4. Updating of Student Master Database

  5. Requests for Form 137/Transcript of School Records of new students from previous schools

  6. Complies to requests of schools for Form 137/Transcript of School Records of transferred students

  7. Processing of all documents required to foreign students by the Bureau of Immigration

  8. Accomplish the admission and enrolment requirements of Fourth Year students to colleges/universities

  9. Accomplish the requests of students for certifications

  10. Up-to-date compliance to the Department of Education for the following reports:

    1. Enrolment Reports

    2. Private School Profile

    3. Graduation Forms

    4. End of the Year Data

    5. Reports on Promotion

  11. Updating of learner's status in the DepEd's BEIS (Basic Education Information System) and LIS (Learner's Information System)