To supplement regular classroom instruction, SHAP provides varied student activities through the different school clubs and organizations. They are effective means of complementing and enriching the academic work of students, and at the same time enhance their talents, interests, and abilities.

A. School Organizations

1)      Classroom Organization

Each class elects a set of classroom officers who help in enforcing the school regulations and act as the official representatives of the class.

2)      Student Council

The whole student body elects officers who help in the implementation of school regulations, hosting and initiating certain activities, campaigns, and other academic and non-academic events, that will benefit their interest. The council serves as the official representative of all students when it comes to discussing and pursuing certain objectives and agenda together with the school administrators.

3)      Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur, the official school newspaper, is composed of an editorial board SHAP students with a passion for writing and photojournalism.

4)      Citizen Army Training

SHAP understands that every Filipino citizen needs to learn how to develop their own sense of leadership, compliance, regulation, and organization. All senior students are required to undergo the CAT before finishing junior high school.

5)      Glee Club

SHAP’s Glee Club is its official representative in inter-school competitions and other external events. It is composed of the best student singers in the campus. The Glee Club holds its grand concert every year.

6)      Dance Troupe

SHAP’s Dance Troupe is also its official representative in inter-school competitions and other external events. Similar to the Glee Club, it is composed of the best student dancers in the campus, who also perform f or their grand concert every year.

Other clubs and organizations including academic clubs (such as English, Math, Science & Filipino clubs) and interest clubs (kids/youth for Christ, culinary club, sports clubs) are organized to meet the varied interest of students and complement classroom instructional activities.