Our Curriculum concentration centers on the 3 “R” s ;Reading Writing, Arithmetic. The facilitation of our curriculum entails hands-on activities involving arts, crafts, class games, group work, music and movement. Through this, we aim to foster the child’s love for learning, self-discovery and critical thinking.

Curriculum Content

  1. Nursery 3 years old by June – Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Computer

  2. Pre-Kinder 4 years old by June – Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Christian Living/Values Education and Computer

  3. Kinder 5 years old by June – Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Christian Living/Values Education, Filipino and Computer

  4. All levels of our Pre- School have the opportunity to enjoy Art Class, Character Formation and Sports Field Time on a weekly basis.

For our Nursery level, the Subjects taught are Language, ReadingWritingMath, and Science. Our lessons for the Nursery level are introductions to the basic principles of the subject matter.They are designed to enrich the child’s interest and ability to acquire knowledge and skills needed for the study of the subjects.It also aims to encourage Nursery students to observe, investigate and self – discovery of the beginning concepts.

Pre-Kinder subjects have Language, Reading, Writing, Math, Science & with the addition of Christian Living & Values Education. The lessons are intended to help the young learners acquire basic competencies and beginning skills. Adequate learning experiences which are relevant to the Pre – schooler’s development level are provided in each subject. The activities are gradually and systematically presented to the child so that they may create a natural desire to explore, discover and develop new skills and abilities.

Kinder level has the same subjects as our prescribed Junior Kinder subject with the addition of Filipino. For the SK students, the lessons were designed to develop mastery of the skills of the basic concepts for the given subject matter. At this level, students will be taught how these concepts can be used in their daily life as they begin to use their knowledge of the subject matter in real life situations.