Sacred Heart Academy of Pasig plays a vital role in educating the youth to contribute to shaping the country’s future. We adhere to the belief that it is the school’s responsibility to empower the youth with adequate knowledge, skills, behavior and values through Christian education that fosters spiritual enlightenment, social responsibility, intellectual excellence and accountability to self and their community.

The school likewise provides varied co/extra curricular activities to complement classroom instruction and form an integral part of the curriculum.

To further enhance and enrich the curriculum, computer-aided programs are provided along with the maximum utilization of audio-visual aids/materials from both local and international sources and the use of innovative teaching strategies and methods. For instance, LED television sets are installed in each classroom as modern instructional aides aside from competitive textbooks and journals.

SHAP offers a competitive Grade School program through enriching all required subjects with meaningful concepts and innovative teaching styles as a way of grooming its students towards coping with today's fast-paced, complex, and globalized environment.

Among the tool subjects, the integration of English, Science, and Mathematics are emphasized through innovative and interdisciplinary modes of progressive delivery - methods are no longer plainly instructional, but also participatory, in which students are solely involved in the learning process through experiential and practical learning. To add, Speech Course is also part of the English subject as in initiative to prepare them and give them a foretaste of the corporate and/or entrepreneurial setting.

The teaching of Filipino is enriched through the integration of vocabulary, values, and competencies from the social sciences.

Social Studies provides an adequate understanding of Philippine history and our political-economic system, and our local cultures.

Home Economics/Technology and Livelihood Education serves as a device for more holistic learning to develop a healthy, practical, and innovative self-identity through imparting concepts and knowledge about home-keeping, cooking, arts and crafts, entrepreneurship, and others.

Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health offers to open perspectives to appreciate local and international music, arts in all forms - be it fine or practical, sports, games, and other forms of physical education. Fitness and health education is also a very significant part of the subject. It aims to hone potentials and skills of students through imposing practical applications of delivered concepts and instructions.

These subjects, formerly known collectively as the MAKABAYAN, entail the use of integrated units of learning tasks, which will enable the learner to personally process, assimilate, and systematically practice a wide range of values and skills including work skills and work ethic. These learning areas address both individual and social needs of the learners. They all lay the most stress on the development of social awareness, empathy, and a firm commitment to the common good.

Computer is anchored to SHAP's value for innovation, adaptability, and change. SHAP's computer laboratory has the right size, quantity, and variation of relevant equipment to accommodate all learners when it comes to hands-on activities. Lessons, depending on the grade level, range from the fundamental concepts and guidelines up to lessons about modern-day business applications. An understanding of the new media and desktop publishing are also provided to the learners. Moreover, HTML, animation, and robotics are taught to higher levels in high school.

Values development is integral to all the learning areas. Yet, Christian Living and Values Education strives for a more intensified teaching of values and moral ethics. It is anchored to SHAP's commitment to nurturing students towards becoming God-fearing and public-spirited citizens.

Similar with the RBEC, the new K to 12 curriculum posits that the ideal teaching-learning process is interactive, thus, it has been restructured to promote more reciprocal interaction between students and teachers, between students themselves (collaborative learning), between students and instructional materials, between students and multimedia sources, and between teachers of different disciplines.


Candidates for honors in Grade One to Grade Five and Grade 7-11 are ranked to get to the top ten in each grade level based on the general average of grades on academics.


Aside from academic performance recognition, SHAP also awards students who have obtained the highest qualifications based on the following criteria:

Perfect Attendance – given to students who did not incur any absence or tardiness during the current school year

Deportment Award – given to students who have received the highest grade in deportment and have not violated any of SHAP’s policies

Subject Award – given to graduating students who have obtained the highest grade in English, Math, Science, and Filipino

Service Award – given to students who have rendered exemplary service to the school in any manner and have consistently taken an active part in school activities

Sports Award/Best Athlete – given to students who have excelled in any sport and has been chosen as representative for sports competition in and out of the school

Performing Arts Award – Given to students who have excelled in any form of performing arts such as dancing, acting, oration, declamation, and other related activities

Loyalty Award – given to students who had a residence of ten years from Grade One to Fourth Year


SHAP offers a Special Filipino and Special English course for non-English speaking international students to further enhance belongingness, cultural awareness, and understanding between them, their teachers, classmates, and new environment.


SHAP values excellence and hard work and thus, knows how to recognize exemplary students at the most appropriate degree. Certificates of merits are given to outstanding students at the end of each quarter based on the general average obtained for each quarter. A candidate for honors should obtain at least 80% and above in all subjects including deportment/conduct in every quarter.

Orange Certificate of Merit                 90% and above

Green Certificate of Merit                   90% - 92%

White Certificate of Merit                    87% - 89%